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25 ta life shirt
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25 ta life shirt


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From: Dr Goodhole
Subject: Empty HallsDr. Goodhole is not a real doctor, but he does have a
good hole. Whining, moaning, panting, or compliments
may be addressed to drgoodholeyahoo.com (should you
feel so inclined).All Rights Reversed. Please share and copy freely.
Don't claim credit for my work, or wild lesbians will
bite off your ears and nipples. Trust me on that. We
have a deal.Disclaimer: This story involves fantasy sex between
men. If you don't like that, don't read it. If your
mom or government don't think you should read it,
don't let them catch you at it. This is a work of
fiction, and animals porn m0vies any similarity to real nudist 16 -17 pics
people and events
might possibly be coincidental, maybe. This is a
fantasy. Do not put on a cape and expect to be able to
fly, or fail to use a condom and expect to remain
healthy. Thank you!Empty Halls, by Dr. GoodholeIt was the pirates 2 porn end of the term in college, and everyone
had gone home for vacation. Almost everyone. I was
staying at school to get in some studying, and my best
friend Phil had two days left before his flight. It
wasn't really an accident. We were looking forward to
a little peace and quiet... so we could get LOUD and
PARTY without valac7yclovir interruption!We stayed up pretty late, that night. Did a little
drinking and a lot of smoking, played cards and talked
up a storm. Argued, laughed, and acted damn silly. It
was great!Finally, it got to be about bedtime. Some way til
dawn, but hot girls 13 old no longer near midnight. I wandered down the
hall to take a leak. When I got back, Phil was nowhere
to be found."Phil?""In here, man."The goof was already in bed-- MY bed! Holding back the
covers with a twisted grin. "C'mon! Get in!"...th' bleach ep 139 fuck?"C'mon, man. It'll be fun. We can tell people that we
slept together!"Yeah, right."Umm, Phil... I don't wear pajamas.""Me neither. Get in here, you pussy."Ok... well, this was embarrassing. But, I'd never have
another opportunity like this again. He wasn't my best
friend just because he was a hell of a guy. He was
gorgeous, or I thought he was. I was crazy about him.
He was straight, of course. He would be."Ok, ok."I turned away from him and took my clothes off. Silly,
I know, but I didn't want to face him while I peeled
down. It took careful concentration not 14 yers girls fucked
to spring a
boner as it was."Yeah!," he said. Thank God he didn't whistle.I left one of the room lights on, in case he needed to
get up in the night, and slowly climbed into bed,
backwards, not meeting his eyes. Settled in and
wriggled around to make myself comfortable. Sighed."That wasn't so bad, was it? Goodnight, Steve.""'Night, Phil."It was a twin bed. Too small, really, not that I
minded. Phil rolled around a bit, trying to find a
good spot. Between hitting the wall and hitting me, he
wasn't having much luck."Hold on. I don't have enough room, here. Turn on your
side.""What?""Turn on your side. No, the other way. That's it."Umm, ok.He snuggled up close and put his arm around me. His
body felt warm and comfortable next to mine. Then I
felt something long and hard rubbing up against my
buns. I didn't move."Phil, DUDE!""Shhh, I'm horny," he said, and started grinding up
against me by way of demonstration."What? Oh, come on...!" I protested feebly. I was
getting hard pretty quickly, myself, but what was
going on with this? Phil was straight, wasn't he? But
his dick was sliding 15 yr old pornstars up and down on my ass, and it
felt really good. I was gulping and trying not to
moan."Steve, man," he leaned forward and murmured in my
ear, "I found your porn links on your computer."Oh, shit."I know you like guys. You like me, don't you? I've
been wanting to try this for a long time."I didn't say anything, but I was breathing pretty
hard. So was he. Right in my ear. I wasn't about to
say anything. It was terrifying, but it felt issue 12 ls magazine so good."Good man. Now hand me the lube.""What?" I hesitated. That was awful quick! Was he just
going to...?"C'mon, right there, in the shelf next to the bed.
Reach out. C'mon... there you go!"I didn't know about this. I was on the verge of a
panic attack. But, he was right. I did want it. I
wanted him. I just wasn't prepared for it, right here,
right now. I slowly reached out for the lube. He kept
his arm around me, as if he were afraid I'd get away."That's it! Now hold out your hand."I cupped my left hand. He reached across and pumped
out a few dollops of lube on me, his armpit going porn small girl 15 past
my face. He hadn't showered that afternoon. The smell
was intoxicating. I leaned my head back to get more.
He caught me at it."Heh heh heh. g615 lube devices
Like that, huh?" He made a grrrowwwling
noise. My dick throbbed. He grabbed my hand with his
left and brought it back behind me, and placed it on
his erection."Fuck, Phil!""No, fuck Steve! Easy, boy. We've got all 25 ta life shirt night."He clasped his hand around mine so I made a fist
around his hard dick. They call it a hard dick but,
you know? It wasn't hard like steel or like wood. It
was kind of soft and hot, and it jumped in my hand.
I'd never touched another guy's dick before. I ran my
fist up and down it. The head was so smooth, and it
expanded under my fingers. We both gasped at the
sensation."Whoa, STOP!" He grabbed my wrist. "Slow down, man."
He guided my hand back over to my side. "And DON'T
touch your cock!"We just lay there, breathing heavily, for 5v stack flashing a few
minutes. When our breathing settled down a bit, Phil
started moving again with his hips. His slippery dick
went sliding up and down my ass crack. He was pushing
pretty hard. It seemed like I could feel every vein,
and his bush sandpapering my buns had me panting. Up
from his rubbery head, all along the shaft, until his
balls were crushed against my butt, and then back down
again. And back up again. Awww, man. I was so hard
that it hurt. He kept it up for a while. He could have
kept it up forever. I wouldn't mind.He pulled my hips back towards him. "Keep your legs
together", he instructed. Something new?His dick wedged its way on through my legs, right
along the crotch, until the bulging head mashed
against the back of my nuts."Ohhhhh", I moaned. "Aw, Phil!"He laughed faintly as he humped back and forth. "Yeah,
I like it, too!" His dick was making me crazy. I was
panting nonstop and whimpering every time his big fat
head slapped against my balls. We didn't add any more
lube but, he seemed to be getting extra slippery,
anyway. My eyelids half closed, and I started to gasp."Awwwwww, Phil!""Whoops. Better stop there." He held still for a
moment, then slowly pulled away, yelping as his dick
pulled free. "Time for a little break." Frustrated, I
ground back against him. "Heh heh heh. Stop that. I
told you, take it easy."It wasn't so sex girl ass 3gp easy to take it easy. He held me away
from him. Eventually, our breathing settled back down
to something like normal, again.That's when the fun really got started.Phil started sliding his dick between my legs again.
Up along my taint, smacking my balls with his big old
pudge. It felt great, but..."Phil...""Yeah, man?", nudging my nuts free girls 13 y.o. with his dickhead again."Oh! Phil, dude, please!"His dick slid back and then bam! Whacked my nuts
again."Yeah?""Awww, please! UH! Please!"Slid back and bam! Forward again."Please! Oh, please fuck me," I whispered.Slid back and bam! Forward again. Oh, have mercy. Oh
my God. Oh please."What?""STOP TEASING AND FUCK ME!""Heh heh heh. You don't have to yell. Are you sure,
man?"Oh, fer the love'a... "YEAH! Yes. Yes, Goddamn it!
Phil!" Softly again, 'cause I felt so vulnerable
saying it -- but I didn't whisper. "Fuck me."He laughed. And slid forward and nailed my nuts free porngirls 14 again.
Oh Christ.I fumbled around for ls magazine3
the lube and got another big
dollop on my hand. Reached back and grabbed him with
my sloppy 280 brass sheets fingers. He slid in and out of my fist a few
times, grunting as he went."Phil, have you done this before?""You'll be my first, buddy."Great. I'd played with valac7yclovir a dildo a few times before, so
I wasn't totally clueless, but this gucci 1798 sunglasses
could be painful.
I didn't know a thing about starting with fingers,
back then."Ok. Look, this is going to take a little time. If I
say 'stop', just hold still for a moment. Right? Or
this is going to hurt like a bastard.""Are you sure this is a good idea?," he said, but I
don't think he meant it.I reached back and grabbed his dick and g615 lube devices
aimed it at my
hole."Ok, now, push. Harder! Good. A little more. Stop! No,
don't stop pushing, just don't push any harder right
now. Gimme a moment."I breathed deeply and concentrated. Relax, relax.
Don't clench down. Concentrate. Relax.It was working! Phil slid in a little bit. A little
bit more. He must have the whole head in, by now... I
hoped. I knew how the first few fractions of an inch
could feel like a mile."Easy!", I warned."Yes, boss," he said.I laughed at that, and he slid in a bit further. Eep!
I clamped down, in shock. He slid right back out
again, with a yelp. I could feel his dickhead throb
between my cheeks as my asshole locked shut."STEVE!""Sorry."He was frustrated. Can't blame him. So was I."I'm sorry, man. You're almost there. Hang on a second
and let's try again."Concentrate. Relax.I lined him 3 4 strapping china up again."Ok. Gently. It's going to be easier this time.
Gentlyyyy", I squeaked, as he pushed 1 porn site
right in. The
head slid right up to where it had been and kept on
going. Oh Lord. Just a little more... he felt so big,
but I knew it was just the tip. It kept coming,
snaking on in. Oh... my... God...! He slid in past the
sphincter and started barreling up my chute. petite 14 yo I clamped
down 1865 vintage clothing again, I couldn't help it. This time, he was too
far in for me to push him back out, and he just moaned
at the sensation."Phil! HOLD IT!""Aww, FUCK, man!," but he did. He had his hands
clamped painfully hard on my hips, and his dick
pulsing in me.In a moment, I relaxed again, and he started sliding
in deeper. The sensations were intense as he kept
hitting new territory. He was sliding in faster. My
breaths came sharp and fast, and I was groaning. And
then I clamped down on him again, involuntarily."PHIL!"He wasn't having any of it. He kept pushing and
slipping on in. And my ass relaxed again, and he
buried his cock all the way home in one incredible
rush. I felt every fraction of an inch."Ohhhhh", he moaned.I was panting and practically barking. "Oh! Oh! Oh!
Oh!" My body felt like it was on fire. I glowed with
heat. The whole universe was his anal tiny 14 dick case xx buffalo 9187 buried in me. My
asshole was clamping and nude pictures 12yo relaxing, clamping and
relaxing on his cock."Jesus fuck! You're tight. Are you all right, man?"I couldn't say a word. I just lay there gasping, for a
moment. I reached back and felt his nuts, smooth and
shaggy and damp, squashed right up to my ass. I
brought my hand back and smelled my fingers. Man and
mushrooms and rut. My eyes rolled up. I put my fingers
in ls magazine3 my mouth."Steve?", he said, and made a few short thrusts. "Aww.
Steve, man, talk to me." He was panting, and making
tiny thrusts almost continuously.I pushed my butt back on him, hard, and my dick
spasmed as he went even deeper into me. He yelped,
then grabbed my hips."Easy! Easy, baby, easy!", he said.I pulled forward, and slammed back on his dick again."Aww jeez..."He started pumping me hard, pulling about halfway out
and ramming back in again. I was meeting him all the
way. My lungs were going like bellows and I was afraid
my heart might just explode but, all I really cared
about was feeling him fuck my ass. I was blind with
lust. There wasn't anything else but his dick moving
in me. His breathing was harsh and ragged, and I knew
it wasn't going to last much longer, but nothing else
mattered."Aww, Steve, aww fuck, man... I'm going to cum up your
ass!"I thought I was hot before but, that tipped me right
over the edge. That was it. He was going to shoot
right up my butt! I lifted 1 porn site up one leg and shoved back
on him HARD, driving him deeper in me than he'd ever
been. And again! It hurt, or is that the wrong word?
And I clamped down on him and started shooting sperm
all over the bed and across it, onto the floor."No! OH!", he shouted, and lifted my leg up so hard it
was painful. He buried himself home to the bone, and
locked rigid. "Oh! Oh! OHHHHHH! Uhh! Unh!"He stayed all the way in me, making little involuntary
thrusts with every shot. I could feel his womens size 16 clothes cock jerking
inside me. My ass kept clamping and releasing,
clamping and releasing. My dick was still rock-hard,
throbbing, and dribbling.I'm not sure how long we were frozen like that,
overwhelmed and stunned.When I was daddy mix mp3 sort-of breathing normally again, I
swallowed with a parched throat, and licked my lips
with a dry tongue."Phil...""Huh?""My leg.""Oh yeah."He lowered it back down, and started to turn away. I
could feel his dick pulling out."No!" I grabbed his arm. "Don't you dare!" And I
wrapped his arm around my front, and brought his hand
up to my mouth and boys 12 nudes kissed it. I put a finger in my
mouth and sucked on it, and chewed it lightly. It
tasted sour and salty. My dick twitched. His dick
jerked 10 yo naked
in me, and he laughed, but faintly. He was
exhausted."Damn, man," he said, and hugged me to him. We were
both covered with sweat and radiating heat, but I
didn't care. I wanted him on me. In me.I listened as his breathing grew softer. My asshole
kept twitching as he lost his erection, and his dick
retreated the way it came, teasing me every inch of
the way. Finally, it made it back to the entrance, and
my last twitch squeezed him out. Phil grunted softly,
but he was already almost asleep.I was still mostly hard, and I would have liked
another round, but tomorrow was another day. I tucked
Phil's arm around me and smelled its sharp spice, and
listened to his breathing.
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